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How Poor Drainage Affects Your Home And Yard

Grass Field Drainage
The inability of a yard to thrive is not always due to a lack of water. Overabundant water can also cause bare patches, poor vegetation color, and other landscape issues. A yard can even have a combination of wet and dry spots. Here are just some of the types of damage that the lack of adequate drainage causes.
Risk of Insects
Pools of stagnant water that rainstorms left behind can become a breeding ground for insects. Poor drainage allows the water to remain around for days and can prevent the ground from drying out at all. Many insects can be an annoyance, but mosquitos are more concerning because of the risk of diseases such as malaria and various viruses.
In the United States, people do not have the same risk of malaria. The cases diagnosed in the U. S. are usually for people who contracted the illness outside of the country. However, mosquitoes in the United States do transmit West Nile Virus, various forms of encephalitis, and potentially the Zika Virus.
The risk of infestations in the home increases when the wet conditions occur around the perimeter of the house. Pests like spiders, ants, and rodents prefer damp areas. When the moisture spreads to a cool, dark basement, this creates the perfect habitat for a variety of unwanted creatures.  
Loss of Mulch
Soil erosion is another concern. This can wash away mulch from gardens. Water erosion can strip the soil of the nutrients it needs and throw off the pH level of the soil. The cost to replace the lost soil and mulch can become extensive, and the output of the garden can decline. Replanting gardens and testing and adjusting the pH level constantly is also time-consuming.
Death of Vegetation
Plants left in wet soil for too long will starve for oxygen. Eventually, root rot takes place and the vegetation dies. The plants in oversaturated landscapes become wilted and discolored. The excessive dampness leads to mold and fungi growth that may harm grass, trees, and bushes.
Issues With Walkways
Driveways and walking paths experience damage as well. Ground oversaturation can cause a soil expansion that pushes pavers up or causes cracks in the pavement. Overwatered soil compacts as it dries, and this may cause sunken areas along these features too.
Abundance of Moss
Moss flourishes in lawns that have too much moisture for the grass to thrive. Over time as the soil becomes unsuitable for grass growth, moss spores can grow and begin to spread. Once moss is throughout in the yard, grass regrowth can be impossible in affected areas.
Damage to Home
Small cracks form in all foundations as the houses settle. This natural process does not normally cause any harm. However, drainage issues around a foundation can allow water to enter these cracks and erode the foundation over time. The erosion makes the cracks larger and lets in more water that could eventually compromise the structural integrity of the home.
Standing water also causes wood rot. The risk can spread to the supports for porches and decks or to wood fences and to other wooden structures around the home. A visible puddle is not always needed for problems to begin. Oversaturated soil can contain enough moisture to cause damage.
At Smith Irrigation, we know that the healthiest lawns are those that have the right balance of water. Our drainage and irrigation services enable our customers to enjoy healthy, lush lawns. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to have the lawn you want. We're happy to answer all your questions and concerns about your lawn.