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Questions And Answers About Landscaping


Q: Will a sprinkler really save time?

A: Absolutely! Having a sprinkler system means you won’t have to waste another minute dragging around a hose to water your plants. Your new system will do all of the watering for you, even when you are away from home.

Q: Can you install a new system without damaging my existing landscaping?

A: We can install your new system with minimal disturbance to your existing lawn. We can actually install the pipes without having to dig a trench, and our technicians are experienced at restoring your landscaping to its original condition.

Q: Can the sprinkler system be set up to water different areas at different times?

A: Yes. You can have your system set up to water different zones of your yard. Each zone can have a unique time for watering.

Q: Are the systems difficult to operate?

A: Actually, they are very easy to operate. We will assist you in setting your watering schedule and then all you have to do is relax and let the system do the work.