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Drainage Contractors in Greenville, South Carolina

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We Drain Water, Not Your Wallet

A big part of keeping your outdoor property healthy is ensuring the functionality of your drainage system. At Smith Irrigation, we install, repair and maintain all kinds of drains to prevent flood-related foundation problems and other yard water issues. If you need a drainage contractor, come to us first. We offer our services at unbeatable prices and even provide you with a free estimate to get you started.

Comprehensive Drain Services

Promoting proper drainage is important in protecting your property. When drainage problems occur, the very foundation of your home or commercial building is jeopardized. Our experienced team of contractors has the skills to stop drain-related issues before they become more costly. We’ll work to quickly identify the source of the blockage and remove it in the least invasive way possible.
We also install drains, slab foundations and crawl space drainage systems to prevent foundation damage in the first place.

Qualified Advice

If you’re constructing a new building from scratch and aren’t sure which kind of drain you need, Smith Irrigation will provide knowledgeable guidance to help you make a decision. We can help you identify the need for a French drain, surface drain, channel drain, capillary drain or sump pump.

Enjoy Better Drainage

If you notice cracks in your foundation, standing water, sunken areas or bare spots in your grass, contact Smith Irrigation immediately as you may have a landscaping drainage problem. At no cost to you, we will give you an estimate of the repairs you may need. Call us today to learn more.