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Irrigation Installation in Greenville, South Carolina

irrigation system

Get More. Spend Less.

Irrigation systems are important to maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your property. Having one properly installed by an industry-trained professional will help you keep your landscaping lush and healthy. At Smith Irrigation, our expertly executed installations will even reduce your water waste and save you money on utilities. We provide comprehensive irrigation services to add convenience and savings to your life.

The Benefits of an Irrigation System

There are few things more satisfying to a homeowner than having a beautiful, inviting yard. Likewise, a well-maintained landscape can draw new customers into a business. However, it can be a serious hassle to lug a hose around to water every square inch of your property by hand.
Our top-notch irrigation system installations give you more than pride in your property; you’ll enjoy having the added convenience of a self-watering system and complete control over water delivery to your lawn when you’re away. With automatic control systems to orchestrate watering locations and times, you no longer have to worry about patchy brown spots or water waste.
Whether you need residential or commercial irrigation system upkeep, Smith Irrigation offers all the services you need to maintain your foliage.

Irrigation Services


A misaligned sprinkler system can cause a wide range of problems. When inexperienced property owners attempt irrigation system installations on their own, they may create unreachable spots for their sprinklers. This leads to dead patches of lawn. Rather than taking this risk, allow our highly experienced technicians to take care of installation so you can enjoy all the benefits of your new system.

Maintenance Service

Our automatic systems are highly convenient, but they need maintenance to stay that way. Smith Irrigation provides a complete range of maintenance services to keep your system working its very best. This includes proper startup in the spring and shutdown in the fall. Get the most out of your investment and let our professionals maintain your sprinklers.

Pamper Every Patch of Your Yard

If your lawn is the eyesore of the neighborhood, call Smith Irrigation for comprehensive irrigation system services. We can perform any installations, repairs or maintenance in upstate South Carolina. Call us today for a free estimate.